• Brief introduction

    Beijing Jinmajia Equity Transaction Online Co. Ltd. (Jinmajia) was incorporated on December 22, 2009. With two years of development, jinmajia.com has grown into China’s largest assets and equity information platform. Based on the cloud service concept, it has developed advanced Internet-based transaction tools such as dynamic quotation, online outcry, online roadshow, online bidding and online acquisition, designed products including the high-end goods transactions, second-hand vehicle and real estate online transaction, project matchmaking and due diligence investigation services. As more and more equity transaction institutions, intermediate service providers, large enterprise groups and professional service providers become its members, Jinmajia has grown into a leader of the assets and equity online transactions,


nformation release:Jinmajia provides customers with the free information release services with tools accessible to all registered users. The submitted project information will be verified within 24 hours upon submission to ensure the information quality as much as possible.

Search engine:users can make precise matches on the project, investment intention, services, equity information and other information with the equity search engine of the website to acquire necessary information.

Due diligence investigation:Jinmajia, teamed up with China’s well-known law firms, offers due diligence investigation for project owners as a services free of attorney fees, which is a value- added service available to the intended investors with nominal fees. The third-party due diligence investigation service system helps project owners improve the project creditability at a very low cost on the one hand, on the other hand, enable the investors to have an in-depth understanding to projects without field investigations, lowering costs of all parties while increasing the transaction efficiency.

Funds settlement:as the fourth-party transaction platform, Jinmajia offers safe and reliable online and offline settlement services for buyers, sellers and agencies, thanks to its credit as a state-owned enterprise.

Transaction tools

Dynamic quotation – the “large cap” of the equity market

Dynamic quotation is an iconic function of Jinmajia. At the dynamic quotation hall, objects can be listed any time while bids can be made any time within the given validity period of an object. Upon the listing of an object, qualified investors may log on the quotation hall to make a bid and the one offering the highest valid quotation will be the transferee of the object upon completion of the outcry, according to the principle of “price/time priority”.

Intensive transactions with the employment of electronic tools;
Breaking barriers on space and time, convenient for bidders;
Conducive to interconnecting different businesses of institutions and retaining a consistent market image

physical assets, equity, creditor’s right, operating right, real estate, high-end commodity, stock in trade etc.

Online outcry: Internet-based auction

The online outcry is a key function of Jinmajia. At the online outcry hall of Jinmajia, the organizer may hold an auction-like special bidding at any place. Investors may take part in the bidding via the Internet. According to the price/time priority principle, the party presenting the highest valid quotation upon the completion of the bidding will be the transferee of the object.

Not restricted by space or time, convenient for bidders to participate in;
Supporting parallel bidding of bulk objects, allowing for “retail transactions within a package ” and reducing possibilities of rigged bidding or colluded bidding;
Quotation process is not interfered to better price discovery of the object.

Online bidding hall –fair, open and just Internet-based bidding and purchase platform

The online bidding hall is an Internet-based bidding service platform integrating functions of online tendering, online bidding and online bid assessment to share expert resources and the bid assessment model database, build a credit system of tenderers and whole-course monitoring so as to build a really fair, open and just web-based bidding and purchase platform.

Expert resource database that can be shared;
Bid assessment model database that can be shared;
Customized bid assessment models;
Online “answer” by tenderers;
Automatic selection and automatic notification to the bid assessment experts who will assess the bids online within the given time (no need to be present at the site).
Preventing rigged bidding or colluded bidding of tenderers or the black case work of the organizers.

Successful cases

1. Olympic Fou online outcry

On March 16, 2009, the 90 Olympic Fou with special codes were sold at 12.8365 million yuan in total at Jinmajia online outcry hall in only 26 hours. Of that, the Olympic Fou coded No. 1890 was sold at 288,000 yuan, the highest transaction price this time.

2. World Expo pavilion assets disposal

The successful transaction of the exclusive reproduction authorization and relevant physical assets of Swiss Pavilion and Canadian Pavilion through its website fully set out Jinmajia as a service provider and its advantages on investor discovery.

3. High-end commodity transaction

On November 28, 2010, 499 sets of Kweichow Moutai Liquor (special collection version with designs of the twelve animals) were sold through the online outcry system of JInmajia at 95.687501million yuan. In July 2011, Jinmajia, together with Luozhou Laojiao Co. Ltd.-the creator of strong aromatic Chinese spirits- and Shenzhen Sixiang Yihao Liquor Industries Co. Ltd., launched the Guojiao 1573 Large-jar Customized Raw Liquor Online Transaction Program. The successful launch of the project innovated in the sales channels and marketing mode of high-end commodity.

4. Dynamic quotation for administrative physical assets

Jinmajia’s dynamic quotation system changes the bidding, listing and auction mode of the equity market into the listing and quotation mode. In 2011, “the administrative real assets dynamic quotation hall” has concluded 1,116 projects at 16.983536 million yuan.

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